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Leading Manufacturing Companies in Singapore

In the beautiful, affluent country of Singapore there are certain industries that act as pillars of the country’s economy. Manufacturing can be seen as one of the vital ones, with statistics showing that it can contribute up to 25% of Singapore’s GDP in certain years.

Good news is that this sector also experiences growth from time to time—it’s by no means stagnant. As recent as the start of 2020 there was an 3.4% growth. Specifically, the worldwide need for electronics plays an important role because so many of these types of products are produced in the country. Other important manufacturing niches include chemicals and transport related items.

Below we’ll showcase some of the leading manufacturing companies in Singapore at the moment.

1. Sunningdale Tech

Sunningdale Tech’s focus is providing precision engineered plastic products. It deserves respect for not only being involved in manufacturing, but also its focus on innovation. In terms of manufacturing they’re known for their tooling and moulding services. They can design specific products if required, helping clients turn their ideas into reality.

This company has been around for over two decades. You can find Sunningdale Tech facilities across the globe and the company is also respected for pursuing sustainable practices, ranging from fair employment to keeping resource use at a minimum.

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Here’s an excellent example of a Singaporean company making an impact globally: STMicroelectronics manufactures electronic circuits and microchips that you’ll find in many different devices used across the globe.

The company is focused on staying ahead of the competition by investing more than 15% of yearly revenue in research and design projects.

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3. Metal Component Engineering

If the need is mechanical manufacturing, the MCE company is an ideal option in Singapore. They’ve been around since 1987, proving their level of experience. Their records show an output of more than 1 billion parts.

MCE has also grown to become a global company, with facilities in areas including Thailand, China, and Malaysia.

The company saw a peak in production in 2015 with a revenue of over S$71 million, though it has dropped to S$46 million in 2018. In this same year the previously named ‘Metal Computer Component Ltd’ was renamed to the current company.

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4. Penguin International

A Singaporean homegrown company, Penguin assists with a wide range of crafts, ranging from ferries to workboats and crafts used for water patrols. Clients can have a boat type manufactured according to their unique specifications.

The company has a rich history of quality manufacturing ever since 1995 but also offers a design department, repairs and the companyoperates some of its own craft.

This company is listed on the stock exchange and the executive chairman alone has over three decades of experience in the marine industry. The company currently has two facilities; one in Singapore and another in Indonesia.

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5. ST Engineering

With ST Engineering you have an impressive integrated engineering company. They’re involved in multiple sectors, namely marine, land and electronics as well as aerospace. It’s another global company on our list, active in 24 different countries and its employees number over 20 000.

The original company started in 1967 and today it includes four merged companies. In 2019 ST Engineering reported a revenue of S$7.86 billion.

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6. Tat Seng Packaging Group

Tat Seng was started as a private limited company in 1977 and the company focuses on corrugated packaging. It has expanded over the years which included obtaining subsidiaries such asHefei Dansun Packaging Co., Ltd in China.

As recent as 2018 the business expanded enough to justify purchasing new premises of over 74 000m² for a new factory in the Jiangsu Province.

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7. Spindex Industries Ltd

You’ll find the Spindex in multiple locations across Singapore, China, Vietnam and Malaysia, while the company’s customers are from across the globe. Its most recent location opened in 2020 in Nantong, China.

The company is specifically known for manufacturing tasks such as machining and turning.

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8. ISDN Holdings

ISDN Holdings is a company you’ll see mentioned in publications such as CEO Magazine and CAN-A Class Above. The company is respected in the engineering sector and it’s their goal of being knowledge driven that sets them apart. For example, over 35% of their staff focus on solving the unique needs of their customers.

ISDN has been around since 1986 and can be found across Asia.

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9. Hi-P International Ltd

Hi-P is another company that’s involved in many sectors, including the auto industry, telecommunications and computer technology. The company works with different substances—including plastic and metal—helping clients from the design phase through to testing.

Hi-P started in 1980 and today it’s listed on Singapore’s stock exchange

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Additional Impressive Role Players

With Singapore’s manufacturing industry experiencing constant change there are many companies that are contenders for the ‘best in business’ labels. Some fastest growing companies in this sector include Jackspeed Corporation Ltd, Grand Venture Technology, UMS Holdings Pte Ltd, A-Plus Automation.

Of course you can’t mention the country’s manufacturing without thinking of world renowned mobile solutions company Motorola, in existence ever since 1928. And then there’s Yokogawa, the company with connections in 61 countries, employing 19 000 people with Yokogawa Singapore being its facility in Singapore since 1974.

Need Help Finding the Right Manufacturer?

As you can see the country’s manufacturing industry covers many different products. These are only some of the best manufacturing companies the country’s innovative citizens have delivered so far. You may be in search of a company in a specific niche? Simply navigate to The Grid portal here and use the user-friendly filter system to discover details about the companies you’re looking for