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Singapore’s Fastest Growing IT Companies

Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in all of our lives, and Singapore is the perfect base for the world’s leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies. The country is home to companies such as Google, Facebook, Lazada, Grab and Razer who all appreciate the vibrant eco-system which is available to technology companies.

Singapore has all the necessary resources required to make an IT business successful, from the excellent schools which have close links with industry to the fintech opportunities which present themselves and, of course, the countries ultra-fast internet. Singapore consistently ranks highly for digital competitiveness as well as being network-ready, and the country’s $120 million TechSkills Accelerator programme produces individuals who are ICT ready.

Here are 10 of the fastest growing IT companies in Singapore.

1. Cynopsis Solutions

Cynopsis Solutions were founded in 2014 and have enjoyed incredible absolute growth of 1,338% within the technology sector and in 2018 had generated revenues in excess of S$3 million. The company now employs over 30 people and is predominantly focused on identity verification. Cynopsis Solutions have won numerous awards as Regtech Company. The company works with over 1,600 clients within the banking and financial services sector and has significantly contributed to attaining satisfactory regulatory outcomes while improving efficiency and reducing cost.

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2. SQREEM Technologies

SQREEM Technologies was established back in 2010 and focus on the use of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to recognise consumer buying and behaviour patterns. The data is used by financial institutions and governments to detect crimes such as fraud. In 2018, the company employed 66 people and had revenue of S$2.45 million. Their absolute growth, since inception, is 1,197%.

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3. DROOTOO Pte. Ltd

Founded in 2013, DROOTOO has continually partnered with the National University of Singapore and the National Research Foundation. They are a unified cloud platform giving users greater control of their IT infrastructure. The company has won countless awards in recognition of their work including Top 100 Asia Startup by Red Herring, and at Cloud Expo Asia in 2016, DROOTOO came 3rd for highest customer visits. The company has enjoyed exceptional absolute growth of 1,150% and generated revenue of S$2.5 million in 2018.

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4. McMerhons

McMerhons are one of the longer established technologies that are enjoying incredible growth, starting trading in 2007. Over that period, they have recorded an absolute growth of 900% and incredibly still only have ten employees. Working in partnership with major organisations such as Starhub and Microsoft, McMerhons provide cutting edge IT support and advice. They provide industry leaders with information that protects investments in infrastructure.

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5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs was incorporated in 2012 and run an internet-scale bot that generates vital analytical data for end-users. They have a relatively small team of just 21 people but have enjoyed absolute growth of 339% and create an outstanding S$45.3 million in revenue. Their primary focus is addressing “real-world problems” by automating repetitive and mundane tasks. Ahrefs are continually exploring new avenues to increase business efficiency and competitiveness.

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6. Bimage Consulting

Established in 2010, Bimage generates revenue of S$4.1 million per annum and has witnessed absolute growth of 271%. The company operates in the Digitalised Construction industry and has a global presence. Bimage Consulting utilises technology such as BIM, VDC and Augmented and Virtual Reality to help increase projects’ profitability and efficiency by minimising risk.

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7. Niometrics

Niometrics was founded in 2009 and now employs an impressive 105 people, generating revenue of S$25.5 million and absolute growth of 236%. They are a network analytics company working to provide business solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Their goal is to help newly established digital businesses develop effective strategies and devise robust plans. Niometrics are based in Singapore but have hubs across the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East and Europe.

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8. Soda Vision

Ever since they were first established, Soda Vision has experienced impressive absolute growth of 199%, which equates to compounded annual growth of 44%. Their annual revenue is S$5.6 million, and they employ just 13 people. The company is a leading distributor of machine vision components and imaging technology. From their base in Singapore, Soda Vision assists its clients in finding the most suitable components for their needs.

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9. Starview International

Starview International was founded in 2010 and builds and markets an extensive range of Optical Networking products which are distributed across Asia and the rest of the world. They have experienced absolute growth of 158% and compounded annual growth of 37% while enjoying revenue of S$12.9 million. The company is highly respected and utilises SMART services making their network solutions more cost-effective.

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10. SAIS Group

The SAIS Group was established in 2013 and generates annual revenue of S$28 million with an absolute growth rate of 139% or 34% compounded annual growth. Their business is the development of Mobile App Commerce, and they are indeed industry leaders. They are an innovative and proactive company that is continually looking to improve their service.

Other Players

Of course, our list is far from exhaustive, and there are many other excellent organisations within the IT industry. Tech-enabled giants such as Grab Holdings and Sea Limited continue to grow at a healthy rate despite their size. Other fast-growing companies which are worth a mention are: Coda Payments, Red Dot Payments, Vividthree, ESCO, Decision Science, I-Sprint Innovations and D-Connect Technologies.

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