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Top Coke and Petrochemical Companies in Singapore

While Singapore has no hydrocarbon resources of its own, it is still a hub within Southeast Asia with the artificial Jurong Island being the centrepiece when it comes to petrochemicals and refining. The superb infrastructure means that it is one of the most efficient plants of its kind in the world. The energy industry, including coke and petrochemicals, contributes around 3% to Singapore’s annual GDP.

The coke and petrochemical industry, particularly the petrochemical side, is continuing to expand. The Energy & Chemicals Industry Transformation Map (ITM)suggests that around 1,400 jobs and an additional $12.7 billion in connected revenue could be generated by 2025. The focus will be on creating new chemical plants and utilising advanced technology which can be used in the refining process to create speciality chemicals.

Coke and coal are still used in Singapore for energy production, although it only equates to around 1.2%. It is a figure which is to be anticipated when you consider the country’s heavy emphasis on “going green”. However, it is still an integral part of energy production and should not be overlooked.

1. Shell Eastern Petroleum

Shell Eastern Petroleum has been operating in Singapore since 1891 and currently employs in excess of 3,000 people. Shell is world renown in the petroleum industry, not just for the fuel that drives our vehicles but for all the associated by-products. They have paid-up ordinary share capital of US$5.3 billion. The company is continuously exploring new opportunities in both the petroleum and green fuels market, and the organisation is still committed to assisting with Singapore’s economic and social growth.

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2. Evonik (SEA) Pte. Ltd

Evonik was incorporated in Singapore in 1997 and are one of the best-known speciality chemicals companies in the world. The company has a presence in more than 100 countries and employs more than 36,000 people generating revenue of €14.4 billion. Evonik is at the forefront of innovation in the speciality chemicals sector, developing environmentally friendly, greener and more efficient products.

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3. Texas Petrochemical Asia Pte. Ltd

Texas Petrochemical Asia was first established in 2002 and specialise in manufacturing high-quality lubricants for the automotive and marine industries as well as ones which can be used in industry. Texas Petrochemical is certified by the American Petroleum Institute and is Lloyds Registered – LRQA. The company continues to invest in new technology and expanding their facilities. They export their products around the region to places including China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Malaysia.

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4. Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (PCS)

PCS are a private company located on Jurong Island and are one of the country’s leading producers of by-products from the petroleum industry including ethylene and propylene. The company has two crackers which are capable of producing more than one million tonnes of ethylene per year and 600,000 tonnes of propylene. PCS was formed in 1977 and has 390 people strong workforce.

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5. Chevron Oronite

Chevron Oronite was formed in 1917 and has had operations in Singapore since 1972. The company produces petroleum-based products such as bulk lubrication oil additives and Viscosity Index Improvers (VI). The company is a significant employer in Singapore with a permanent workforce of over 200 people with many contractors and sub-contractors.

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6. AP Oil International Limited

AP Oil International was formed under the name Huan Chew Oil Trading in 1975 and is a major manufacturer of business lubricants and speciality chemicals which are derived from the petrochemical industry. The company has bases in Singapore and China as was incorporated on the Singapore stock exchange in 2001. They market their products across the region in places such as Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan along with countries in the Middle East.

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7. Lubrizol Southeast Asia

Lubrizol is headquartered in the USA and was first incorporated back in 1982 and employ more than 5,000 people globally. They operate in numerous locations around the world in Asia, Africa, the Middle and South America. Lubrizol Southeast Asia’s products can be used in a range of industries including automotive, industrial and electronics. They are industry leaders and continually striving to produce new, cleaner products.

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8. Kyodo Yushi Asia

Kyodo Yushi Asia is a private Japanese company which was incorporated in 1990 and operates in multiple countries around the world, including the Netherlands, China, The USA, Japan and Singapore. They specialise in manufacturing high-quality grease for use in the automotive, heavy industry and electronics. They are continually looking to expand both within the region and worldwide.

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9. S-Oil Corporation Singapore

S-Oil first began operation is 1980 and were incorporated until 2010, which is a reflection on how the company has continued to expand exploring all opportunities within the refining-lubricant-petrochemical system. They are a Korean company with operations around the world, including North America as well as here in Singapore. The company is focused on sustainability and creating a brighter future.

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10. Solvay Speciality Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

Solvay Speciality Chemicals were incorporated in 1984 in Singapore and are an international chemical company producing innovative solutions which reduce CO2 emissions. They have 145 locations around the world and employ more than 2,300 people. Solvay Speciality Chemicals’ paid-up share capital is S$82 million.

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Other Players

Of course, our list is far from exhaustive, and there are many other excellent organisations within the oil and gas sector. Other notable international companies include BP Singapore, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific and Total Oil Asia-Pacific.

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