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Top 10 Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2020

Healthcare in Singapore is an industrial sector which experiencing incredible growth, fuelled by demand at home and from overseas. It offers incredible opportunities for those currently in the industry while also leaving plenty of room for new entrants. Indeed, by 2030, the Singaporean healthcare market is expected to reach a colossal $44 billion. Naturally, to facilitate such enormous growth, there will need to be significant increases in expenditure with some estimates suggesting that could be as much as $3,000 per capita.

Singapore has a robust public healthcare system for its nationals with rebates of up to 80% available from public hospitals, institutions or other public healthcare facilities. Healthcare, including the embracing of digital and robotic healthcare in the country has created more 18,000 jobs and contribute more than 3.5% of Singapore’s GDP, a figure that is continuously increasing.

As the world continues fighting the Coronavirus outbreak, it is easy to understand why there is so much focus on healthcare in Singapore and throughout 2020; we would expect these healthcare companies to have a significant influence.

1. ISEC Healthcare

ISEC Healthcare was first established back in 1899 and focus on specialist eye care and ambulatory surgery from their six locations spread across Malaysia, Singapore, and more recently, Myanmar. The company is enjoying rapid growth which was 48.6% in 2019 and has a market capitalisation of over $190 million. They currently employ 30 specialist doctors who are regarded as being some of the best in the industry. ISEC Healthcare is heavily involved in clinical trials as well as research for leading pharmaceutical companies.

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2. Singapore O&G

Singapore O&G was formed in 2011, and their focus is proving specialist medical and surgical care for women and children. The organisation is based solely in Singapore with plans to continue expansion in forthcoming years, possibly into other countries in the region. The overall financial figures for 2019 are yet to be published, but once again the company recorded a net profit in 2018 of $9.15 million, marginally up on the previous year. At the end of 2019, the company employed 66 medical professionals.

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3. Cordlife Group

Cordlife is a private company which was incorporated in 2001. Their core business is core blood banks which involves collecting, testing, processing cryopreservation and storage of umbilical cord blood at birth. They have bases in Singapore and Hong Kong along with a subsidiary in Shanghai with customers from across Southeast Asia. In 2019, they recorded a growth of 32.6% and had a market capitalisation in the region of $119 million.

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4. UG Healthcare Corporation

The UG Healthcare Corporation was founded in 1989 and is a leading provider of latex gloves and other latest products used by the medical profession. In 2019, the company recorded revenues increasing by 28.5%, but this is tempered by a reduction in profits due to higher administration costs thanks to expanding its distribution network. They have two production plants in Malaysia but distribute their products worldwide. The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen a rapid increase in demand for their products.

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5. IHH Healthcare Berhad

IHH Healthcare Berhad was formed in 1974 and is a Malaysian-Singaporean organisation focusing on high-end healthcare services worldwide but predominantly in Asia and the Middle East. They employ in the region of 55,000 people and own 80 hospitals in ten countries, including the Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. They are always looking to expand and invest with the company just announcing a 33% increase in the annual dividend based on impressive financial results in 2019.

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6. Attune Technologies

Attune Technologies was formed in 2008 and are based in Singapore. They represent a significant part of the future as they are a healthcare IT company, offering their technology to hospitals, laboratories and insurance companies in 15 countries. They are continually expanding within a highly competitive market, but one that nevertheless presents an abundance of opportunities which are only expected to increase.

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7. DocDoc

DocDoc was founded in 2012 and is designed to bring patients and doctors together. They have over 23,000 doctors under contract across a range of different sectors, based across all of Asia. They are continually exploring new opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI), clinical informatics and in the assessment of healthcare services.

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8. Healthway Medical Corp

The Healthway Medical Corp was founded in 1990 and is an investment holding company which, in turn, focuses predominantly on Primary Healthcare but also more specialist treatments. They have in excess of 100 clinics, and medical centres across Singapore and these numbers are continually increasing. The Healthway Medical Corp performs well financially and has a robust financial structure which encourages further development with growth expected.

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9. QT Vascular

QT Vascular was incorporated in 2005 and a leading player in the treatment of complex vascular diseases. Based primarily in Singapore, the company also has offices in California. The company has experienced a mixed couple of years and viewed by financial analysts as a speculative investment. However, due to their constant research and investment, they are always worth watching in a field that has plenty of potential.

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10. Medinex

The senior management of Medinex has over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. The company’s objective is to help start-up businesses grow and expand within the healthcare sector. They act as partners helping you to grow your business by helping acquire the required licenses, connecting you with suppliers and ensuring that you have all the equipment that you need. As such, they are considerably different from the other healthcare companies that we have included on our list.

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Other Players

Of course, our list is far from exhaustive, and there are many other excellent organisations specialising in cancer care, dentistry and as well as robotics and digital healthcare. Some notable names include the Singapore Medical Group (SMG), Pharmesis International and MedTecs.

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