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International Payments Does your business pay international suppliers, developers, employees or freelancers? Then you've come to the right place. Every payment you make with TransferWise is sent with the real, mid-market exchange rate. There are no hidden FX spreads and absolutely no strings attached – quite the opposite. Our rate is the one you see on Google or, so youre squarely in control of your costs. Combine that with our new Mass Pay tool and easy-to-integrate API and youve got a money and time saving machine.
+65 8328 0268
12 KALLANG AVENUE, #03-20, APERIA, Singapore 339511
Since launching as a start-up on Sydneys Northern Beaches twenty years ago, OFX has grown to become a truly global company. Were now trusted by customers all around the world and have grown to over 350 employees with offices in Sydney, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Auckland, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our mission is to lead the age of borderless money by bringing human touch, technologies and insight to the transactions and transfers that power a wider approach to the world. More than ever we are committed to helping our customers thrive in an ever-changing world and participate in the world economy with confidence. We believe in Action. With Humanity. To deliver Progress. We are constantly testing, learning and sharing to meet the changing needs of our customers, and in an increasingly automated world we never forget the power of the human touch. We are committed to keep moving our technology, our systems, our service, our people and our customers forward. As the world never stops, never rests, never stops innovating, neither will we. We are where the worlds moving.
+65 6817 8747
16 PURVIS STREET, Singapore 188595
Currencycloud connect is designed for customers who want to make payments. By accessing the currency payment engine via API, customers can automate end-to-end international payment processes and deliver sophisticated solutions which are tailor-made.
+65 6534 7641
6 BATTERY ROAD, #10-01, Singapore 049909
At Chynge, we make the world a safer place. Chynge Central, our flagship product, is a decentralized software service to manage money transfers between countries. We make cross-border payments that are safe, transparent, and fast powered by our smart compliance, and blockchain.
+65 6472 2723
80 ROBINSON ROAD, #08-01, Singapore 068898
Working together with our partner banks, EMQ is a trusted and safe alternative to transfer money internationally at a much lower cost than traditional remittance. EMQ is committed to offering our customers a secure, convenient, competitively priced experience and transparency at every level, for every transfer. Unlike other FinTechs that aim to disrupt the incumbents, EMQ wants to partner with established banks to provide applications that provide banks practical solutions for commoditized banking transactions. EMQ is working on establishing partner banks in each country we operate in across Asia. EMQ is based in Hong Kong, with branch offices in Taiwan and China. EMQ Limited is licensed by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department as a Money Services Operator.
+65 6817 9590
Frontierpay is an FCA Authorised and Regulated Global Payments Specialist providing clients with unrivalled access to over 140 currencies and the largest network of in-country payment processing in the industry. We have developed our technology around the needs of bulk payment processors to provide a fast, accurate and cost effective solution for our clients. Combined with an understanding and knowledge of global compliance requirements, we are well placed to service your requirements.
+65 6817 5248
6 SHENTON WAY, #21-08A, OUE DOWNTOWN, Singapore 068809
Toast is a Singapore-based fin-tech startup focusing on online digital remittance for the unbanked demographic, mainly the migrant workers. It has raised 2 rounds of funding and is currently expanding its operations in Asia given its growth in the large and growing Asian remittance market. Toast aims to make sending money as easy and painless as possible. "Lesser time than it takes to make a piece of toast." is our goal. Our company aims to solve real problems and provide real value to this demographic of the society. For more information:
+65 9386 0415
304 ORCHARD ROAD, #02-17, LUCKY PLAZA, Singapore 238863
Starting out as a numismatic company dealing with money collectibles and commemorative products, Money World is a well-known business leader in the world of money. Money World is also known for its field of excellence and know-how on how to remit currencies to almost every country in the region. Registered under and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Remittance Agent, Money World has been in the remittance business for over 20 years.
+65 6221 1755
3 PHILLIP STREET, #13-01, ROYAL GROUP BUILDING, Singapore 048693
LBC is the Philippines' leader in express delivery, cargo shipping, remittance & logistics. Visit us to learn more about the Filipinos most trusted courier.
+65 6779 3465
304 ORCHARD ROAD, #03-46, LUCKY PLAZA, Singapore 238863
Pay2Home offers an international money transfer service; fast, cost efficient and low cost. Send money overseas from Singapore and Hong Kong to more than 50 international destinations, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China the UK and beyond.
+65 6741 5100
287 BEACH ROAD, #05-00, Singapore 199551
Currency exchange rates are quoted in real time and they change by the minute, making it difficult for individuals and businesses alike to compare between different service providers. That is why we stand by our maxim of making every pip count by offering the best wholesale forex rates that you can ever get in the market. ONEPIP works with multiple liquidity providers, which includes commercial banks, investment banks and prime brokers. Through aggregating our forex volume, ONEPIP sources for the best-in-class forex rates for our clients. To find out more, contact us at [email protected]
+65 6534 7642
83 CLEMENCEAU AVENUE, #12-01/02, Singapore 239920
Hanshan was founded in 1998 as a pioneering concern to augment Singapore's growing international financial hub status, Hanshan Money has grown from strength to strength to become today one of Singapore's leading remittance companies to China, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and many more. From humble origins, we grew through dogged determination, business nimbleness and competitive edge. Within a short time, in 2003, we created an industry 'first', by providing same day remittance for the China remittance corridor.
+65 6538 6280
1 PARK ROAD, #02K-87/88, PEOPLE'S PARK COMPLEX, Singapore 059108
M-DAQ Pte Ltd (formerly known as Summit Investment Pte Ltd) is an innovative and unique solution, providing a platform to price and trade any exchange-traded products in more than one currency by blending executable FX rates into equities and futures products.
+65 6225 8991
15 PLAYFAIR ROAD, #02-00, FGA @ PLAYFAIR, Singapore 367987
Remittance & money exchange services
+65 6297 7707
M1 remittance is a self-service mobile remittance platform that allows users to transfer money to other countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines. It further enables customers to access real time exchange rates before remitting their funds.
+65 6304 4240
31 EXETER ROAD, COMCENTRE, Singapore 239732
TranSwap is a platform that matches your foreign currency needs with other users at the mid-market exchange rate in an easy and secure way, helping you and your business save money.
+65 6100 9788
29 MEDIA CIRCLE, #02-06, [email protected], Singapore 138565
Nickels principal product, NiX, is Asias first FX exchange on the Blockchain. NiX is a trade-driven, fully regulatory compliant marketplace for corporates and onshore banks to access liquidity and price discovery for emerging market currencies at the institutional level.
+65 8222 1511
81 AYER RAJAH CRESCENT, #01-51, Singapore 139967
Steadfast Money Transfer is a Singapore company located at Lucky Plaza providing remittance services to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries at competitive rates and services fees. We have been assisting individual and corporate clients to transfer funds since 1997.
+65 6736 6072
304 ORCHARD ROAD, #02-86/87, LUCKY PLAZA, Singapore 238863
Our committee is made up of a group of remittance licensees to ensure the objectives and functions of the associate are appropriately met.
+65 6794 9887
5001 BEACH ROAD, #01-05/06, GOLDEN MILE COMPLEX, Singapore 199588
Congruent with the increased awareness of remittance facilities and options available within the market, Brunphil Express Pte Ltd offers flexible remittance platforms to provide fast and AML/CFT compliant money transfer services for the various segments of the population. The money transfer services that we offer, whether in the short or long term, are based on mutual understanding, a thorough KYC assessment of the sender's and receivers information, and the prevailing interest rate levels in the market as regulated by relevant authorities. Based Singapore, the company has seen a steady expansion in clientele base since its inception in October 28,1997.
+65 6735 6204
304 ORCHARD ROAD, #02-83/84, LUCKY PLAZA, Singapore 238863
Remittance Services
+65 6226 2678
709 ANG MO KIO AVENUE 8, #01-2603, Singapore 560709
Our service is the lowest charge in town and there are no hidden charges. Therefore you can transfer your money
+65 8268 2816
1187 UPPER SERANGOON ROAD, #01-15, THE MIDTOWN, Singapore 533971
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+65 6392 4996
2A DESKER ROAD, Singapore 209549
Click "Sign Up".Enter your mobile number.Scan ID & fill in the details.Request TAC & receive SMS.Take selfie video.Come by to your nearest Tik outlet for verification.1,300 banks/wallets and 130,000 cash pick-up points.SEND MONEY HOME ON-THE-GO.Create an account and enjoy money transfer at your fingertips with our Tik app
+65 6920 1938
28 BUKIT PASOH ROAD, YEE LAN COURT, Singapore 089842
SlideSG Pte Ltd is a company providing mobile remittance and money-changing services licensed under the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As the subsidiary company of iAPPS Pte Ltd, SlideSG provides its customers with a FinTech solution that disrupts the traditional remittance and money-changing service industry. Reaching out to the unbanked foreign workers in Singapore, SlideSG provides them with FinTech services that bring convenience to their lives. Using the SLIDE mobile app that encompasses a digital wallet, SlideSG customers are able to execute remittance and money-changing transactions anytime and anywhere.
+65 6594 1380
3 FUSIONOPOLIS WAY, #13-25, SYMBIOSIS, Singapore 138633