Customized Dataset

The Grid leverages on hundreds of sources to gather and deliver Asia’s business data directly to your fingertips. We provide customized datasets based on your business needs in Lead Generation, Account-Based Marketing, KYC, Strategic Planning, Credit Risk Management, Market Intelligence etc.

Reach out to us at [email protected] for a quote.

Our customized services include:
Bulk Export
In relation to The Grid’s search/filter results, Premium Members are able to export up to 1,000 records each time. However, if you need to export more than 1,000 records in a single copy, please send us a request.
Target List
We help you with whitespace mapping by building a comprehensive and accurate list of target companies. It can be based on industry, company size etc. as well as other niche criteria such as headquarter origin, ownership structure etc.
Verified Contacts
Target personnel by job title (e.g. CEO, Marketing Director, Procurement), we provide their professional emails and direct phone number to support your sales/marketing campaign.
Financials & Shareholders
Obtain financials and shareholder info of non-listed companies extracted from official filings. We could provide such data either in piecemeal or in bulk.
Geographical Coverage
In addition to Singapore, our data coverage includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.