Your answer to lead generation and sales prospecting

Optimizing both inbound and outbound leads to boost pipelines and accelerate sales growth


Discover new prospects

Boasting 99% coverage of Singapore companies across 1,000+ industries, we help you to build and export a comprehensive yet targeted list of prospects with high conversion rates based on your Ideal Customer Profile. These are often companies that share similar profiles with your best existing customers, but somehow slipped under your radar.

60% of the marketers that use Account-Based Marketing (ABM) saw a revenue growth of at least 10% within 12 months. Our advanced filter function not only empowers you to identify prospects by firmographic and technographic data (products/services, industry, company size, company age, financials, location etc.), you may also leverage different signals/trigger events such as recent funding, recent office relocation, spending power index to laser-focus on prospects with the right fit.

61% of the companies regard prospecting as the toughest part of the sales process.

The Grid empowers Sales & Marketing professionals to build meaningful business connections and achieve high ROI.

Contact Details

Identify key decision makers by job title/seniority and reach out via email. Engage the right person with the right message.

Email marketing is still regarded as the most effective campaign tactic. Hardly a surprise given that 78% of decision makers have taken appointments or attended an event as the result of a cold email.

The Grid also covers company emails and phone numbers aggregated from different sources, saving you the time to scour around.


Company profiling

Research a prospect to qualify leads and focus your sales effort. Weed out the wrong fits and target accounts with higher conversion rates. Find out the target’s company size, spending power, growth signals, key personnel, financials, news and other info.

Maximize The Grid’s intelligence to personalize your outreach messages with relevant content, enhancing your response rate.


Build brand equity and exposure

92% of the B2B purchases start with search. Your company may have a great website packed with rich information, but your web traffic may not give you the scale. The Grid is the “go-to” platform where users source for trustworthy vendors in Singapore for digital innovation and business transformation initiatives.

If your company is registered in Singapore, your profile would have already been on The Grid. Look it up, take control of it and beef up your credentials. Help potential clients to learn about your competitive edge.

Tap on our search engine to increase exposure and visibility, generating endless inbound leads.

Why Us

Standing Out from the Crowd


Geographical Focus

Our domain expertise/specialization in the Singapore market enables us to deliver company data with great breadth and depth.


Industry Coverage

Whether it’s a popular industry like construction or a niche offering like smart surveillance, we cover them all.



99% of the registered companies are SMEs with huge info gaps. Peek into this “black box” and profile them.


Unique Sources

Beyond public info, we tap into a unique network of partners to gain access to enterprise-grade company data.


Data Quality

Our data science prowess and validation rigor differentiate ourselves from vendors that collect data haphazardly.


Actionable Insights

We intertwine raw data from sources that are seemingly independent and translate them into meaningful insights.


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