Finding Singapore’s best B2B service providers

Discover and screen the best vendors using a data-driven approach


Know your options

Imagine only has 10 hotels to choose, well, that’s not going to cut it.

The best vendors are often the ones that you have yet to discover. Boasting 99% coverage of Singapore service providers, we operate the largest B2B network in Singapore, helping you to discover top-notch options you may have otherwise overlooked.

Whether you need services in popular segments such as System Integration, Digital Marketing or niche segments such as Smart Office, e-KYC, we have you covered.

B2B purchasing is inherently risky and biased, with 70% of the companies finding their latest purchase experience difficult.

The Grid injects transparency to spare you from mistakes that result in time and monetary costs.


Background checks

While Know-Your-Customer (KYC) dominates the headline, Know-Your-Vendor (KYV) is gaining prominence.; Instead of solely relying on vendor’s info submission, The Grid functions as a company intelligence platform that organizes information (e.g. news, past tender awards, competitors etc.) from credible sources, providing you a 360 view of the vendors for evaluation.


All service providers featured on the platform are legitimate, where they are vetted to have officially registered with the local government. Our screening & authentication measures safeguard against phantom/fake business profiles.

Geographical Focus

We understand the importance of localization. This is a perfect platform to look for a local vendor that understands the nuances of your requirements, giving you highest level of attention and assurance.