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Geographical Focus

In a market where everyone is obsessed with “disrupting the world” and boasting “global coverage”, we set our heart on serving the Singapore market. Our strong domain expertise enables us to drill into niche and local sources, to deliver you Singapore company data with great breadth, depth and relevance.

Industry Coverage

The Grid comprehensively covers over 1,000 industries. You could use the industry classification to look for companies within popular industries like Construction, Education, Finance, IT. On the other hand, our keyword search function also facilitates company screening within niche industries such as Smart Surveillance, E-Waste etc.


SMEs account for 99% of the registered companies. Information on enterprises like Grab, Keppel and Singtel is overwhelming. The real struggle lies within the scarce data of SMEs. The Grid connects statutory data, public information and digital footprints of these SMEs to provide helpful insights, allowing you to peek into this “black box”.

Unique Data Sources

Beyond publicly available information on the internet, we leverage relationships to tap into a unique network of government agencies, credit bureaus and data partners to get you access to enterprise-grade information that is clean, factual and accurate.

Data Quality

No vendor ever gives you 100% assurance over data quality. Despite this, we take pride in our data science prowess and data processing rigor. Many vendors collect data haphazardly, leading to data omissions and duplicates. We, on the other hand, adopt a robust system that methodically fuses statutory data with structured and unstructured data on the internet. The datasets are then subjected to multiple rounds of validation before we integrate them into the platform, providing a much higher level of assurance over data quality

Actionable Insights

Beyond offering off-the-shelf datasets, one of The Grid’s core strengths is the ability to intertwine raw data from different sources that are seemingly independent. For example, by tracking the digital footprint, choice of vendor and funding history of a company, we can gauge its spending power, technology readiness/preferences as well as expansion intent. We adopt a consultative approach to understand your business needs, augment actionable insights and build you a customized data pipeline.